From Kevin’s Corner

This summer ElectriCom celebrated its 55th year in business.  That’s pretty remarkable.  80% of businesses don’t last 20 years.  I couldn’t find a statistic for businesses lasting 50 years, but I would bet it’s less than 10%. ElectriCom was founded in 1960 by Phil & Mary Louise Brown.  Prior to the formation of ElectriCom they were operating a company called E & C Contracting.  Both companies played a substantial role in the initial buildout of telephone and electric lines in the 50’s and 60’s under the REA program.  I’m always surprised by the number of people in the industry who tell me they got their start working or subcontracting for ElectriCom. The company was very successful.

Phil had retired by the time I started at ElectriCom, but he would stop by occasionally.  He was always the perfect gentleman, and he was very proud of ElectriCom.  Phil & Mary Louise sold the company in 1986 to Roger Haverstock & Thayer “Bud” Brand. They continued the success of the company through the 80’s and 90’s.  In 1998, a group of employees bought the company.  I will always be grateful to Bud & Roger for including me in that transaction and helping prepare me to run the company.  Since 1998, the ownership has expanded and evolved with retirements, but all of the current owners are active in the business.

Our history is important.  I believe our culture keeps us successful, and that culture didn’t happen overnight.  It developed over time.  It started with Phil & Mary Louise continued with Roger & Bud, and people like Don Vincent, Billy Unroe, Charlie Sanno, and many others I could name. ElectriCom’s current ownership team is committed to maintaining the ElectriCom tradition of family values and great work ethic.  We thank you for your continued work and support for the success of the organization.